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Partners, supporters and press

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As part of our family support, we work together with experienced therapists, who also support us and our families with advice and action in special and challenging situations.

We would like to introduce them to you below: 


Gisela Geist 

is an analytical child and adolescent psychotherapist and has been working with parents, children and adolescents in her own practice for 30 years. The ages of the children range from infancy (infant-toddler-parent therapy) through adolescents to early adulthood. 

It is important to her to give parents and everyone who has anything to do with children a deeper insight into the early development and basic needs of children.
The fulfillment of these elementary needs is the basis for a successful and fulfilling life.
The children growing up now have many problems to solve.
Our future is in their hands.

Gisela Geist

ist analytische Kinder- und Jugendlichen-Psychotherapeutin und arbeitet in eigener Praxis seit 30 Jahren mit Eltern, Kindern und Jugendlichen. Das Alter der Kinder reicht vom Säuglingsalter (Säugling-Kleinkind-Eltern-Therapie) über die Jugendlichen bis ins frühe Erwachsenenalter. 

Es ist ihr ein Anliegen, den Eltern und allen, die mit Kindern zu tun haben, einen tieferen Einblick zu ermöglichen in die frühe Entwicklung und die Grundbedürfnisse der Kinder.

Your contact for press topics

Julia Jonas
press secretary


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