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​ Our mission is to
To support and encourage children in their "being children" and families in their "being a family".
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We see childhood as the foundation of life . We consider this to be a valuable phase of life in its own right, with children as the main actors. Your needs are the core of everything we do.


Children today grow up in the intense tension between the existential challenges of the outside world and their very own human needs. It is increasingly a challenge for parents and families to meet the inner needs of children and thus lay the foundation for a fulfilling childhood without losing themselves in the process.

With our place of relationships and education, we offer an open and safe space for development and would like to support parents in creating the conditions for a healthy and happy childhood for their children.

In addition to increasing challenges, the importance of taking into account the inner needs of children is also growing, because the designers of tomorrow are no longer primarily shaped by knowledge, but above all by

Creativity, social skills and resilience in the community . Traditional attitudes & outdated educational concepts can no longer meet these future requirements.

In order for more people to be able to shape their own lives and the democratic community, it is important to us to protect the inner motivations and needs of children and to create space for the free development of potential.

Zukunftsweidens understand education as "education to be human" with a variety of skills.

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Discover life with joy 

This is how we contribute to healthy development and a happy childhood

Our heyday mission

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Discover our wide range of educational offers for children, parents & families

Our mission as a heyday educational institution

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