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Our partnership with parents

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We see ourselves as partners in everyday life with parents
our heyday children


At flowering time, we are convinced that an educational partnership with parents can make a significant contribution to the success of developing potential, which is why we attach great importance to this in our daily activities.

As anchored in GG Art. 6, Para. 2, parents bear the main responsibility for the care and upbringing of their child within the framework of their natural rights.


According to § 22a SGB VIII and the Berlin Kita Promotion Act on Parent Participation (§ 14 KitaFöG), day-care facilities are obliged to work together with the legal guardians for the well-being of the children and to involve them in essential matters of upbringing, education and care. Parents should be valued for their competence, taken seriously and supported. Participation in and participation in the pedagogical events in the day-care center are indispensable components of quality development.


With the educational partnership, we support the coherence of the child's world, which is an important building block for the successful development of potential. Our partnership working relationship with parents is based on mutual respect and recognition of the primary role of parents and our shared and complementary responsibility to children.


In terms of family life and the compatibility of family and work, we will focus on 2 main areas when working with parents:


information, administration and communication

To make the lives of parents and families "a little easier" with our commitment through timely and direct information/communication and transparent processes.

We will focus on key situations for parents:


Registration and admission procedures
  • We ensure that the information in our online presence on the registration process, deadlines and the availability of places is up to date. 

  • We offer an online registration process.

  • We make our admission criteria transparent

  • We hold information evenings to which all interested parents are invited

  • Before admission, a family meeting takes place in order to get to know each other and, above all, to give the child the opportunity to get a personal feeling for the daycare center

  • After the admission, a welcome workshop takes place with the parents with the pedagogical staff, the day-care center management and the sponsor GF. The aim of the workshop is

    • get to know each other and build trust

    • to make transparent with which motivation and attitude, according to which values, with which methodology we work in our day-care centers. As part of this, we present the Berlin educational program as the basis of our work.

    • to give the children's professional learning companions the opportunity to get to know the family cultures of the children

    • Developing a child's developmental goals between reference educators and parents

    • Handover of a welcome folder with all information, dates and a summary of the workshop results


parent talks

After consultation, we offer a spontaneous dialogue as a basis for a sustainable exchange. In addition, there is a development meeting between parents and the pedagogical reference specialist once every six months.



complaint management

In line with our lived democratic attitude, we regard complaints as an opportunity and manage them accordingly (see details under complaint management).


parent involvement

We offer parents the opportunity to actively participate in various aspects of our pedagogical work, e.g. in the further development of our day care center offerings or the pedagogical concept through an annual survey, joint project work, excursions, the preparation of events, etc. (further Details in the detailed pedagogical concept)


parent survey

As a learning organisation, we conduct an annual parent survey with the aim of looking at what we offer daycare and working together to develop it further


Inclusion of parental competence

In order to make world events tangible for children and to encourage them to explore, we offer to visit parents where they work (e.g. children visit a mother's radio station to understand why, why, why) or to be active together with them in project work (E.g. to prepare a program with the same mother at the radio station, to explore what interests the radio listeners, to research together and then to moderate the program).


Sustainable dialogue with parents via various means of communication

In the Bloomzeit day-care centers we will use tried-and-tested and existing means of communication that enable topic-related and secure communication, of course taking into account the given statutory data protection regulations.

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