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Discover life with joy
This is how we contribute to healthy development and a happy childhood

First and foremost, it is important to us to preserve the innate inner motivation of children to “discover life with joy”. We see this as the foundation for lifelong learning and the development of a person's potential.


We meet "every child with an open mind" and understand what a child's needs, hopes and longings are. This includes, for example, that children want to feel accepted and valued, that they want to feel connected and belong, and that they are free and safe to shape their own development.  We always treat every child  with dignity at eye level.


Learning to  with joy works best in emotional connection. In this way we form an emotional anchor with our place of relationship and attachment through the bond between children and true-to-life role models as educators and life companions.


At flowering time we assume the self-determination process of the child. We accept children wholeheartedly, assuming they live and act in the moment. In our day-care centers, children are trusted and expected to do something. With us, children have the right to their own time, space, needs and forms of expression.


Children are designers of their own development. They explore and develop their environment through experiments. You learn through trial and error to understand how to deal with yourself and others. The poem "The Hundred Languages of Children" illustrates the image of the child.


In accordance with the democratic understanding, we assume that children have their own rights from the very beginning and that they take the steps necessary for their development and development through their activities.


Freely based on Johann Wolfgang Goethe, it is important to us to support parents in giving children "roots and wings" .

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