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quality in dealing with each other

Quality is our daily striving in the self-understanding of a learning organization
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"What can we do better" is a question we ask ourselves every day.


"The developmental differences in children, which can be traced back to the pedagogical quality in kindergarten, correspond in extreme cases to an age difference of one year, as confirmed in the NUBBEK study."  Not only this study clearly proves that that the quality of the facility has a significant influence on the development of the children, both positively and negatively.


Therefore, we see one of the main tasks for our carrier in ensuring quality in the interests of the children. We are largely guided by the agreement on quality development in Berlin day-care centers (QVTAG), as well as

1. the legal basis from the SGB and the Children and Young People's Aid Act (KJHG) §22 AGB VIII paragraph 1 and paragraph 3.

2. the Berlin Education Program (BBP)

3. the KitaFöG

4. the framework agreement for the financing and performance assurance of the day care centers (RV TAG)


According to QVTAG , bloom time is committed to ensuring that its day care centers continuously reflect on and further develop their pedagogical work based on the quality standards of the BBP through systematic internal evaluation. The "Materials for the internal evaluation of the Berlin education program" are used for the internal evaluation. Within the framework of quality assurance, flowering time will carry out an external evaluation for every day care center by certified providers every 5 years.


Flowering sees itself as a learning organization and uses internal and external evaluation as an opportunity for further development. In this way, we develop the internal understanding of quality in the flowering period team (sponsors and day care centers) and reflect on this in dialogue with the parents.

In order to take into account the special importance of quality in our day-care centers, there will be a quality officer at flowering time. In addition, a   pedagogical specialist is appointed as quality officer in each day-care center. In the quality team, goals are defined, the development observed, documented and optimizations decided together.


In addition, we involve parents as part of an annual parent survey , as well as quarterly personal feedback discussions with parent representatives with the aim of improving quality.


Continuous inclusion of the current state of knowledge in early childhood education, developmental psychology, neurosciences and learning sciences

a. Training opportunities for our employees and

b. Counseling services offered by parents in the day-care centers and in the social area help us to stay in dialogue with the parents on the main development issues of their children and  to get closer to a coherent world for children


Professional exchange of experience and close cooperation with other educational institutions, associations, youth welfare offices and the Senate administration enable us to include comprehensive quality experiences and initiatives in our quality assurance work.


The management of the day-care center is responsible for the implementation and further development of quality management and for achieving the quality goals. Ultimate responsibility remains with the wearer.


Flowering time ensures that every child is supported in its day-care centers by means of a language observation and language documentation system (language learning diary) offered by the Senate.


As a provider of bilingual day-care centers, we use the basis of the "European day-care center concept" developed by the responsible Senate administration.


True to the motto "Quality is there for everyone!", we devote ourselves to this in particular through the democratic participation of children, parents, professionals and the operator of our facility. Subsequently, the areas of participation are detailed in the relevant areas.


The provider will participate in the AG according to §78 of the KJHG, in cooperation with other providers, in the further development of quality management for day-care centers in the district.

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